Since 1959, Hanlon Composites has been manufacturing custom fiberglass reinforced plastic products. We believe in providing world class customer service and product offerings that meet the needs of our customers.


Our value proposition is simple:

- Provide defect free products

- Provide products on-time, 100% of the time

- Provide excellent customer service with clear communication

- Provide production flexibility;

       small-large runs | product assembly | custom requirements


We have produced RV bodies and various internal parts (sinks, tubs, multi-compartment parts, etc), concrete liners, pump covers, radomes, acid doors, filtration tanks, aerospace engine parts, and more.


Over the decades, we’ve developed a deep understanding of fiberglass manufacturing intelligence and capability. We invite you to visit our plant and get to know our capabilities first hand. Let us show you what our market knowledge can do for you!